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A guide to writing and using case reports

A guide to writing and using case reports

A guide to writing and using case reports

A thematic series published in Journal of Medical Case Reports.
A valuable resource for clinicians in the form of a special series of editorials, which comprise a guide to writing and using case reports.
Another important publication in the journal for reference when writing and using case reports is, “A guide to writing case reports for the Journal of Medical Case Reports and BioMed Central Research Notes”, which was published in 2013 and written by Richard Rison.
  1. Content Type:Editorial

    Clinicians use various clinical reasoning tools such as Ishikawa diagram to enhance their clinical experience and reasoning skills. Failure mode and effects analysis, which is an engineering methodology in ori...
    Authors:Kam Cheong Wong
    Citation:Journal of Medical Case Reports 2016 10:85
    Published on: 
  2. Content Type:Editorial

    A case report is a detailed narrative that usually illustrates a diagnostic or therapeutic problem experienced by one or several patients. Case reports commonly serve as the first line of evidence for new inte...
    Authors:Aleksandra G. Florek and Robert P. Dellavalle
    Citation:Journal of Medical Case Reports 2016 10:86
    Published on: 
  3. Content Type:Editorial

    Case reports are an increasing source of evidence in clinical medicine. Until a few years ago, such case reports were emerged into systematic reviews and nowadays they are often fitted to the development of cl...
    Authors:Nora Sandu, Tumul Chowdhury and Bernhard J. Schaller
    Citation:Journal of Medical Case Reports 2016 10:84
    Published on: 
  4. Content Type:Editorial

    Neurology case reports have a long history of transmitting important medical information across many generations for the improvement of patient care. Case reports contribute much to the physician’s knowledge b...
    Authors:Richard A. Rison
    Citation:Journal of Medical Case Reports 2016 10:91
    Published on: 

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