miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018

6 tips for making mealtimes easier for a person with Alzheimer’s

Healthy Eating and Alzheimer's Disease


Having trouble getting a person with Alzheimer's to enjoy mealtime? Check out these 6 tips for making mealtimes more relaxing:
  1. View mealtimes as opportunities for social interaction. A warm and happy tone of voice can set the mood.
  2. Be patient and give the person enough time to finish the meal.
  3. Respect personal, cultural, and religious food preferences, such as eating tortillas instead of bread or avoiding pork.
  4. If the person has always eaten meals at specific times, continue to serve meals at those times.
  5. Serve meals in a consistent, familiar place and way whenever possible.
  6. Avoid new routines, such as serving breakfast to a person who has never routinely eaten breakfast.
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