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Take Time to Care Program > College Women's Health

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3 Tips for Safe Medication Use on Campus

During high stress times like midterms and finals, you may be tempted to use medicines to help you keep up with your busy schedule. BEWARE! Misusing medicines can be dangerous and even cost you your life.

FDA has tips that every college woman can use. Whether you are a campus leader, college health professional, or parent, use the resources on this webpage to connect young women to health and safety tips. There are also free resources that are perfect for your health center, peer education program or sorority events.

Medication Safety

Are you taking medicines for a cold, allergies, or sports injury? Learn ways to avoid common medication mistakes.


You do a lot every day to look your best. Use these resources to help you stay safe.

General Health

Use these tips to help you talk to your doctor or nurse about your health problems.

Sun Safety

Be safe in the sun.

Reproductive Health

Ask your doctor or nurse how to protect yourself.

College Women's Social Media Toolkit

Use the Social Media Toolkit to share health tips with your campus community. The toolkit includes resources for young women including sample social media messages, flyers and blogs posts.

College Women's Campaign: Join Us!

Join OWH and over 150 colleges and universities by spreading FDA resources on your campus. Campaign materials are easy to use at your community service events or with your peer health group.

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