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EHC Program Update: Indoor Allergen Reduction in Management of Asthma Final Report

EHC Program Update: Indoor Allergen Reduction in Management of Asthma Final Report

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Evidence Review Now Available

Selected Key Findings:
  • Evidence for single interventions designed to reduce indoor allergen exposure on asthma outcomes is lacking.
  • Multicomponent interventions that bundle more than one strategy may improve some asthma outcomes, but it is unclear if specific combinations are more effective than others.
  • Multicomponent interventions that include high-efficiency particulate air-filtration (HEPA) vacuums or pest control reduce exacerbations and improve quality of life.
  • The evidence for both single and multicomponent interventions does not address many other important outcomes, including asthma-related health care utilization, pulmonary physiology, and asthma-related quality of life.
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