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Bulletins - Genetics Home Reference :: Rare Disease Day 2018

Bulletins - Genetics Home Reference

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The annual Rare Disease Day will be observed on February 28, 2018.
Rare Disease Day was established as a day to bring awareness to rare diseases, which in the United States are defined as conditions that affect fewer than 200,000 people. Currently, a total of about 30 million Americans are affected by over 6,000 rare diseases.
Patient advocacy organizations in the United States and around the world observe Rare Disease Day as an opportunity to bring recognition to rare diseases and to the people affected by them. The rarity of these diseases can make it difficult for affected individuals to receive an accurate diagnosis and proper care. The theme of Rare Disease Day 2018 is "Research," focusing on gaining an understanding of rare diseases and developing innovative treatments or cures. This year's slogan is, "Patients are not only subjects but also proactive actors in research." Rare Disease Day 2018 recognizes the importance of the partnership between the medical and patient communities in unraveling the complexities of rare diseases.

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