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BMC Cardiovascular Disorders | Home page

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders | Home page

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders

hypertension in elderly

Featured review: Hypertension and cognitive dysfunction in the elderly

Arterial hypertension and stroke are strong independent risk factors for the development of cognitive impairment and dementia. In this review, Marijana Tadic Cesare Cuspidi and Dagmara Hering summarize available data linking arterial hypertension to cognitive decline and antihypertensive approach with potential benefits in improving cognitive function in elderly hypertensive patients.
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Featured review: Cardiovascular involvement in autoimmune rheumatic disease

Patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases are at risk for cardiovascular disease. In this review Sophie Mavrogeni and colleagues discuss clinical scenarios leading to cardiovascular disease in these patients and the role of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance imaging in early detection.


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