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CDC - Breast Cancer Awareness Feature

CDC - Breast Cancer Awareness Feature

Featured Resources

Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know fact sheet
Our “Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know” fact sheet[PDF-234KB] lists risk factors, symptoms, and screening recommendations.
Pam Bryant wearing a hat.
Diagnosed at age 43, Pam fought breast cancer with everything she had. Read her story in this blog post.
Breast cancer screening and treatment: One size doesn’t fit all.
Share our new breast cancer images on your Web site, social network profile, or blog!
Breast Cancer in Young Women fact sheet
Our “Breast Cancer in Young Women” fact sheet[PDF-1.7MB] explains who may get breast cancer at a younger age.
Breast cancer quiz
Test your knowledge about breast cancer with this simple quiz!
Infographic: Take Action to Lower Your Breast and Ovarian Cancer RiskThis infographic lists steps you can take to lower your risk for breast and ovarian cancer.
Photo of Pam Bryant
“Because of my family history, I’m at high risk.” Breast cancer survivor Pam shares her story in this podcast.
Screenshot of matte article about Pam Bryant.
This article about breast cancer[PDF-87KB] is free to use in any publication.
Image of a customized card sharing a survivor story.How has breast cancer touched your life? Share your story with our app.

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