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Concussions | Disease of the Week | CDC

Concussions | Disease of the Week | CDC

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[kuh n-kuhsh-uh n]
Diagram of human head

Don’t get in over your head and ignore a concussion. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. TBIs can also happen when a fall or blow to the body makes the head and brain move quickly back and forth. Even a “ding,” “getting your bell rung,” or a mild bump on the head can be serious. While most people with a concussion feel better within a couple of weeks, some will have symptoms that last for weeks or even longer. People with a concussion need to be seen by a medical professional. Getting help soon after the injury can help speed your recovery.

Key Facts & Prevention Tips

  • Use safety gates when young children are around.
  • Make sure your child’s school and/or sports league has a concussion action plan.
  • Keep a list of concussion signs and symptoms with you at your child’s athletic games and practices.
  • Athletes with a suspected concussion should be immediately removed from play and should not return until cleared by an appropriate medical professional.
  • Be sure the surface on your child’s playground is made of shock-absorbing material.

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