viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

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Featured Blog: A New Subgroup of Honeybee

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Research recently published in BMC Genetics investigating the diversity and population of honey bees in the South West Indian Ocean Islands have revealed a new novel African subgroup unique to the region. More information about this exciting discovery can be found in this blog.
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Featured Article: The Canis mtDNA HV1 Database

A research group from Saigon University has recently set up the  Canis mtDNA HV1 database. It contains information about dog and wolf mitochondrial DNA HV1 sequences. It collects data on the HV1 582 bp region in dog mitochondrial DNA from GenBank to screen and correct any inconsistencies. It also provides information on new novel mutation profiles and new haplotype candidates. It is updated monthly and all the data can be downloaded.
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