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In This Issue -- Type 2 Diabetes and Dietary Supplements

In This Issue -- Type 2 Diabetes and Dietary Supplements

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)

Diabetes testing being done

Many widely marketed dietary supplement products claim to provide health benefits for people with diabetes. Researchers have studied several dietary supplements to see if they can help people manage type 2 diabetes or lower their risk of developing the disease, but currently there is not enough evidence to suggest that any dietary supplement can help prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. Some supplements may interact with diabetes treatments or increase the risk of kidney disease.
This issue of the digest addresses some of the many supplements studied for diabetes—such as alpha-lipoic acidchromiummagnesium, and omega-3s—with a focus on those that have undergone clinical trials.

What the Science Says:
Type 2 Diabetes and Dietary Supplements

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