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Diabetes Medications and Summer Heat
It’s summer, and your employees with diabetes are trying to stay safe in the heat. Employees also need to think about keeping their medications safe. Extreme temperatures can damage medications and diabetes-related equipment if left out in the heat for a long period of time. Share these ideas with your employees to help them protect their medicationswhile out in the sun:
Avoid placing insulin or diabetes equipment in direct sunlight or in a hot vehicle. Heat may cause damage or change the way the medication or devices work.
While traveling or working outdoors, keep insulin and other medications in a cooler. Do not put insulin directly on ice or on a gel pack, because it may get damaged.
As you share this information with your employees, encourage them to check in with their health care team to address any questions they have about their current medication routine and how heat may affect their diabetes.
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CDC Workplace Health Program Launches Workplace Health Resource Center
The CDC Workplace Health Resource Center (WHRC) is a one-stop shop that helps employers create a healthy work environment. It includes credible tools and step-by-step resources employers can use to tailor a health promotion program to their unique workplace needs.
The CDC Workplace Health Program has released the inaugural issue of its newsletter, News and Notes. Subscribe to the CDC Workplace Health Program News and Notes here.
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Answers to diabetes in the workplace questions
I have employees who work remotely or travel often on business. What digital diabetes materials are available for employees who miss the opportunity to receive health information at on-site workplace health programs?
Remote workers are becoming increasingly common for organizations. Working remotely offers many advantages, but it’s important for organizations to engage their remote workers with health-related information while they are on the go. Employers can share the mobile-friendly version of the Diabetes at Work website and the National Diabetes Education Program YouTube page, or encourage employees to download the new redesigned CDC mobile app to keep their employees healthy and informed.

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