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Why Million Hearts® 2022?

recent publication summarizing the first five years of Million Hearts® makes the case: “Although much has been accomplished, [cardiovascular disease (CVD)] remains the nation’s number one killer, and high rates of obesity and diabetes threaten to undo the progress of the past few decades. Particularly disturbing is the number of CVD events occurring now in people younger than 65. Communities and their health care systems have continuing work to do in keeping people healthy and free from heart attack and stroke.”
Today’s newsletter includes new evidence of rising stroke rates in younger people, low use of medications and counseling that can help smokers quit, suboptimal statin use among those who can benefit most, and stubborn disparities that must be eliminated. These challenges and more are ours to tackle—and we can do so together.
Million Hearts® is committed to preventing 1 million cardiovascular events by improving use of the ABCS, increasing participation in cardiac rehabilitation, and reducing tobacco use and sodium intake. Million Hearts® 2022 includes new efforts to increase physical activity and focuses more on highly affected populations. Reaching the targets set for these goals means at least 1 million fewer events—and a healthier population.
—Janet Wright, MD, FACCExecutive Director, Million Hearts®

Do This!

Choose Your TargetReview the Million Hearts® 2022 framework and commit to at least one of the Million Hearts® 2022 goals. Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, and workplace to do the same.

Quick Fact

Since 1995, hospitalizations for ischemic stroke have doubled for men between 18 and 44 and risen for men and women younger than 55. The prevalence of stroke risk factors among these groups also increased during this period.

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