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How NYC Uses NEARS To Enhance Food Safety

How NYC Uses NEARS To Enhance Food Safety

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Environmental Health News

Using the National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS) To Enhance Foodborne Illness Outbreak Investigations in New York City (NYC) Restaurants


Foodborne illness outbreak investigations identify and correct the environmental cause(s) of the outbreak so more people do not become ill. In this column, guest authors from the NYC Health Department explain how CDC’s NEARS provides tools for data collection and reporting to assist health departments with identifying causes of outbreaks in their communities. This column was published in the April 2017 issue of Journal of Environmental Health.

Food Safety Study Plain Language Summaries

Kitchen Staff

Read plain language summaries of food safety studies and recommendations from our Environmental Health Specialists Network.

Replay of NEARS Webinar for Food Safety Programs

NEARS Webinar

This webinar replay provides a brief overview and background of NEARS and success stories from two of the 23 agencies currently participating.

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