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Enjoy better hearing again. Find out how—now!

Harvard Health Publications
Harvard Health Publications

Find out what you can do
to enjoy better hearing again!

Seeing is believing, but hearing is belonging. It's joining in a conversation, sharing a joke, listening to a child's excited retelling of a story, going to a play with friends, or enjoying a romantic dinner with your spouse.
Losing the ability to hear crisply and clearly can be isolating and frustrating. It can take away daily pleasures and can even threaten your independence.
Age-related hearing loss affects one in three of us by age 65. That shouldn't be surprising. We've punished our ears with a lifetime of noise — from lawnmowers and hair dryers to car horns and loud music.
The good news is you don't have to suffer the silence. You can enjoy better hearing. Today, new hearing aids — some as small as a jelly bean — are producing greater amplification with less distortion. Some can be worn 24/7, others have wireless capability.
But which hearing aid should you consider? Should you get two? Do you know whether your hearing loss is sensorineural or conductive? (The difference is crucial.) Is surgery an option? And how can you prevent further damage?
You can get the answers to these questions and more from Hearing Loss. This Special Health Report prepared by Harvard Medical School doctors helps you understand the causes of hearing loss as well as the breakthroughs that are helping adults minimize its consequences.
This Special Health Report will also tell you about other contributors to hearing loss — including some common medications. It will prepare you to work with an audiologist to get an accurate diagnosis. It will also help you learn what to look for in a hearing aid — and what to look out for when selecting a dealer.
The report will reveal whether it is possible to burst an eardrum, the causes and cures for ringing in the ears, why you don't need to go near the water to get swimmer's ear, and how treating hearing loss can protect your brain from decline and perhaps even from dementia.
Order your copy of this important Special Health Report today! It's advice worth listening to!
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To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

Hearing Loss
Inside Hearing Loss, you’ll discover:
The many causes of hearing loss
Ways to cope with hearing loss
How to prevent further damage to your hearing
5 strategies for dealing with tinnitus
The latest hearing technology
When to opt for surgery
And so much more!
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