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Get Smart | Resources to Share with the Public | CDC

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Get Smart | Resources to Share with the Public | CDC

Resources to Share with the Public

Permission is not needed to print, copy, or distribute any of these CDC materials. All materials are provided in low-resolution for office printers. If you want high-resolution formats for commercial printing or are interested in customizing the materials, please e-mail the Get Smart program at getsmart@cdc.gov. You can also order small quantities of select materials for free or purchase large quantities.
The Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work program offers a variety of materials to promote appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use in the outpatient setting.
Get Smart for Healthcare is a program focused on improving prescribing practices in inpatient healthcare facilities. Patient education materials are available on preventing infections, which is critical to avoiding overuse of antibiotics.
Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work on the Farm promotes appropriate use of antibiotics in animals, serves as a liaison among the public health community, veterinarians, and food animal producers, and builds relationships between CDC and the animal agriculture industry within the United States.

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