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Are You Aware? Quick Facts About Kidney Disease

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Urine Albumin Testing in Patients with Diabetes
Diabetes is the most common cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the United States. Monitoring levels of albumin (protein) in the urine is an important way to detect CKD in its early stages and take steps to slow its progression. Testing for urine albumin among people with risk factors such as diabetes is currently recommended.*  In 2012, in the Veterans Affairs health system, the proportion of patients with diabetes that had their urine checked for albumin varied by age group from 33%–50%. This suggests a potential opportunity to improve urine albumin screening among people with risk factors for kidney disease in this population.
Chart - Percentage of Patients with Urine Albumin Laboratory Results by Age and Diabetes 2012
*National Kidney Foundation. KDOQITMClinical practice guidelines and clinical practice recommendations for diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Am J Kidney Dis. 2007;49(suppl 2):S1–S180.
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