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Managing Diabetes at School

Managing Diabetes at School

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For kids with diabetes, school is a place of both more control and less control. More control because of schedules, class rules, lunch menus. Less control because testing blood sugar and other self-care tasks can be more challenging in and out of class. 
That’s where a personalized Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) comes in (find out more here). Before the year begins, meet withyour child’s health care team to develop the plan and then review it with the school principal, teachers, and other school staff. It explains in detail how your child’s unique diabetes should be managed, including: 
  • When and how to check blood sugar and how to determine if help is needed
  • How to treat high and low blood sugar levels
  • How to manage physical activity/sports 
With the DMMP in place, your son or daughter—and the school—has a clear road map to manage whatever the day brings. 
Now if only you could get them to do their homework …

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