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Knees and Hips: A troubleshooting guide to knee and hip pain - Harvard Health

Knees and Hips: A troubleshooting guide to knee and hip pain - Harvard Health

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Beating osteoarthritis knee pain: Beyond special shoes

POSTED AUGUST 01, 2016, 9:30 AM
Heidi Godman, Executive Editor

If osteoarthritis knee pain is a constant presence in your life, surgery does not have to be a foregone conclusion. "I see success stories without surgery every day," says Dr. Clare Safran-Norton, Clinical Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital. Proper footwear is one method of achieving that success. Whether you opt for "unloading" shoes or a good pair of walking shoes, both types of shoes can be equally effective at reducing pain and improving physical function, according to a recent study.

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Do your knees or hips hurt? Most people will at some point have knee or hip pain because these large joints have a demanding task: they must bear the full weight of your body while at the same time allowing for a wide range of motion. Wear and tear, injury, and simple genetic predisposition can all contribute to knee or hip pain. This report covers a wide range of knee and hip conditions and describes in detail treatments, preventive strategies, and surgeries.

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