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A Guide to Women's Health: Fifty and forward - Harvard Health

A Guide to Women's Health: Fifty and forward - Harvard Health

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Every Woman Over 50 Must Know!

Healthy Women

Turning 50 is a wonderful milestone in a woman’s life.
You’ve made it through many of life’s challenges and are looking ahead to what the future holds. But turning 50 also means dozens of changes in your health that are often caused by fluctuations in hormones.
To ensure that you have the information you need to stay healthy, active, and vibrant, Harvard Medical Schoolexperts created Women’s Health: Fifty and Forward.

It’s never too late to feel better by living better.
Harvard Health Publications
This unique report brings you the latest research on menopause, hormone therapy, and dozens of common health problems women face, including:
  • The simplest ways to reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease
  • 6 ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer
  • Why it’s critical to have a colonoscopy if you’re over 50
  • The most serious vision problem women face
  • How to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis
  • And so much more!
You’ll get important information on the unique ways depression affects women ... when it makes sense to start taking cholesterol-lowering statins ... how to reduce your risk of stroke — and the secret to turning off genes that can cause disease.
This special report gives you the information you need to make choices today that will ensure you the best health possible tomorrow.

A Special Bonus Section is included at no extra cost —
10 Steps to a longer, healthier life. This invaluable guide reveals the fastest, easiest ways for you to start improving your health right now. You’ll learn:
  • Why alcohol becomes more harmful to women as they age
  • How exercise can boost your ability to fight infection
  • The superfood myth that could rob you of good health
  • 9 immunizations every woman over 50 should have
  • The reasons supplements may actually do more harm than good
  • The shocking way extra pounds can ruin a woman’s health
  • How staying connected to friends and family can help you live longer — and better
You’ll find charts that explain tests your doctor may want you to have ... the simple way you can determine your risk for heart disease and fractures ... whether you could benefit from having the Alzheimer’s risk test ... if you should get an annual mammogram after age 55 ... and more.
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