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Introducing The Lancet Public Health


Introducing The Lancet Public Health

A new voice for public health practitioners and researchers

Dear Prof Cerasale,

Presenting The Lancet Public Health, a new online-only, open access title in The Lancet's growing family of specialty journals. Our focus will be to attract, review, and publish quickly high-quality original research that contributes to advancing public health practice and policy making worldwide. The journal will publish Research Articles, Editorials, Comments, and Correspondence.

The Lancet Public Health will be committed to tackling the most pressing issues across all aspects of public health. In particular, and in line with the values and vision of the weekly Lancet journal, we will have a strong commitment to using science as an important means to improve health equity and social justice. We will take a broad and inclusive approach to public health, and we especially wish to emphasise our interest in interdisciplinary research.

Read more about the scope and aims of this exciting new journal, and stay informed about the journal's development in the lead up to launch by visiting

Submit your best work

We invite you to submit original research on any aspect of public health. Your paper will be subjected to The Lancet's usual rigorous standards of external clinical and statistical peer review, and edited by experienced copy editors to the highest standards.

For full details of how to submit your paper, including methods of funding, please click here.

Yours sincerely,

Audrey Ceschia

Editor, The Lancet Public Health

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Become a founding author by submitting your best work today. Full details of how to submit your paper can be found here 
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