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NOW AVAILABLE: Clinical Trial Diversity Stakeholder Communications Toolkit

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Why do we need minorities in clinical trials?

This is "The Year of Clinical Trials Diversity!"

The FDA Office of Minority Health (OMH) has six new public service announcements, a blog, and an infographic that you can use to encourage minorities to join clinical trials. They are all available in our Clinical Trial Diversity Stakeholder Communications Toolkit. 
Be a "Clinical Trial Champion" by sharing this important message with your community. 
These resources are important because minorities sometimes respond differently to medical products. Race or ethnicity could affect the dose a person needs, or something even more serious. But most clinical trials volunteers are white and male; racial and ethnic minorities are not well represented. That means health disparities may continue to exist. 
Let's inspire minority audiences to learn more about clinical trials!
We hope that you can join us in promoting this effort. For more information please contact Jovonni Spinner at Jovonni.Spinner@FDA.HHS.gov.

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