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Important skin care update from Harvard Medical School physicians

Skin Care and Repair - Harvard Health

Harvard Health Publications

Harvard Health Publications

Important skin care update from Harvard Medical School physicians

Skin Care and Repair
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Inside Skin Care and Repair, you’ll discover...
Over 120 skin care secrets
Latest breakthroughs in treating skin cancer
Special Bonus Section on protecting your skin
And so much more!

Wrinkle removers. Fine line erasers. Moisturizers. Eye serums. The endless list of anti-aging products is big business. And that’s why we’re making it our business to help you navigate the claims and find the best ways to care for your skin.
But skin care isn’t just about fighting wrinkles. Many of us are bothered by common skin problems, and these days, who doesn’t worry about skin cancer? That’s why the experts at Harvard Medical School have written the report Skin Care and Repair.
It reveals how some of the world’s top physicians prevent and treat 16 common skin conditions — including the three main types of skin cancer. This report will show you how to get relief for itchy athlete’s foot. You'll discover products that can actually help you regrow hair, an important way to lower your risk of getting shingles by 50%, and even home remedies that can help you get rid of warts or help end toenail fungus problems.
You’ll also learn about the latest breakthroughs on skin cancer. You probably know that changes in moles can be an important warning sign of melanoma. But did you know that scaly pink or red-brown raised, rough patches of skin could be a precancerous condition known as actinic keratosis? Skin Care and Repair reveals where to look for these patches and 4 ways to treat them before they become cancerous.

Free Skin Care Fact
One of the best moisturizers for your skin costs next to nothing.
Moisturizers are key to soothing dry skin and making wrinkles less noticeable. You can pay hundreds of dollars for a skin moisturizer - or you can read Skin Care and Repair and find out that one of the most effective moisturizers is petroleum jelly. It works especially well if you use it right after you bathe to seal in moisture.

Read more skin care facts now...

That is just one of the skin care facts you’ll learn. You’ll get over 120 secrets to beautiful, healthy skin, plus a Special Bonus Section that reveals the best ways to protect your skin, such as...
  • A list of drugs that make your skin more sensitive to the sun — including this common allergy medication
  • The exact amount of sunscreen you need to protect your face
  • How some people are increasing their risk for melanoma by 59% without going outside
  • How to give yourself a thorough skin exam
  • And more!
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Don’t miss out! Click here to get your copy of Skin Care and Repair today!
To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.

Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

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