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Diabetes Gets Less Complicated

Diabetes Gets Less Complicated


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People with diabetes are living longer, healthier lives with fewercomplications. Over the last 20 years, rates of 5 diabetes-related health conditions have dropped a lot, notably heart attacks (declined more than 60%) and stroke (declined nearly 50%).
What’s causing this move in the right direction? Research points to several reasons, including:
  • Health care services are more available.
  • People with diabetes are more aware of complications.
  • People with diabetes are controlling risk factors better.
However, the number of US adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled in the last 2 decades as the American population has aged. Millions of people are living with diabetes complications now, and millions more could be in the future.
Check in Often
Complications usually develop over a long time without any signs. If you have diabetes, you need to make and keep regular appointments with your doctors and dentist even if you don’t notice any symptoms. They can find any problems early when treatment is most effective.
People with diabetes respond to lifestyle changes and medications differently. Some may still have complications even with good control of their diabetes. Your health care team—primary care doctor, dentist, foot doctor, eye doctor, dietitian—can help make sure you’re heading in the right direction for the best overall health.

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