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CDC Joins President's Cancer Moonshot Task Force

In late January, the President issued a memorandum establishing a White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force. The Task Force is charged with enabling the progress in the fight against cancer "to achieve in just 5 years research and treatment gains that otherwise might take a decade or more."
Dr. Lisa Richardson is serving as the Principal Deputy for CDC on the Task Force, and other DCPC staff are participating in workgroups. On June 29, the Task Force will host the National Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, DC.

New Paper Estimates Colorectal Cancer Screening Capacity

According to a paper published in June in the journal Cancer, the U.S. health care system has the capacity to screen 80% of adults aged 50 to 75 for colorectal cancer by 2024. DCPC researchers used mathematical models to estimate the number of colonoscopies or fecal immunochemical tests (FIT) needed to reach that goal. See the press release.

DCPC Scientist Offers Expert Commentary on Medscape

DCPC's Dr. Natasha Buchanan discusses the prevalence of emotional distress among cancer survivors and what health care providers can do to identify it and refer patients to treatment.

Lung Cancer Screening Workshop Held in Washington, DC

DCPC's Dr. Greta Massetti chaired the planning committee for the National Cancer Policy Forum's meeting on Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening on June 20 and 21. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends low-dose computed tomography screening for certain high-risk individuals. Participants discussed barriers to screening for this population, including health disparities and challenges to monitoring screening outcomes.

CDC Co-Sponsors Biennial Meeting on Cancer Survivorship

More than 450 cancer experts gathered in Washington, DC on June 16-18 for the eighth biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference,called "Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Landscape." The meeting was jointly sponsored by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, LIVESTRONG, and CDC.

Advisory Committee Seeks New Members

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection and Control Advisory Committee seeks two new members for 2017. Nominations should be postmarked or received by June 24. Please see the announcement for requirements, and send electronic submissions to bccedcac@cdc.gov.

DCPC Staff Attend NAACCR Conference

DCPC had strong representation, with more than 20 staff members attending the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries' 2016 Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Several staff presented at the conference (Blythe Ryerson, Reda Wilson, Meg Watson, Sandy Jones, Melissa Jim, Mary Beth Freeman, Simple Singh, Hilda Raghazzi, Wendy Blumenthal, Joseph Rogers, Jennifer Seiffert, and Manxia Wu). Frank Bove from CDC/ATSDR and Chesley Richards from CDC/OPHSS were plenary discussants.



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