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Million Hearts e-Update: March/April 2016

Million Hearts: Help prevent 1 million heart attacks and stokes by 2017. E-update.

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National Minority Health Month in April is an important time to learn what each of us can do to prevent heart attacks and strokes, especially among those at greater risk for cardiovascular disease. African Americans experience strokes at a higher rate than other races, and other groups, including Hispanics and women, are also at higher risk. African Americans are less likely to have their hypertension under control, and nearly half of African American men have a risk factor that can lead to heart attack or stroke. TheHealthy Is Strong campaign to engage African American men in their hypertension care emphasizes how making simple changes can make a big difference in improving health. During Nutrition Month in March, we were reminded that small changes in sodium intake and looking out for those“hidden” sources of sodium can deliver big returns in health. We look ahead to connecting these efforts with May’s focus on high blood pressure education and stroke. Bridging these topics will result in a stronger impact on cardiovascular health and will help us focus on cardiovascular disease every month!
—Janet Wright, MD, FACC
Executive Director, Million Hearts®

Do This!
Do you know of anyone who has excelled in service to Million Hearts®? Nominate an individual or team for the “Million Hearts® Service Award.” Send a paragraph tomillionhearts@cms.hhs.govhighlighting the accomplishments of the nominee. We will be delighted to celebrate them with you!

Tools You Can Use

Million Hearts® in the Community

Let us know what you’re doing to advance Million Hearts® in your community! Send us a short description with some key points, and we may feature you in a future e-Update!

The Science of Million Hearts®

  • Watch the Public Health Live! webcast on undiagnosed hypertension. “Hiding in Plain Sight: Finding Patients with Undiagnosed Hypertension” was the topic for February’s Public Health Live!, a monthly webcast series aimed at providing continuing education opportunities on public health issues. The webcast featured Hilary K. Wall, Million Hearts® Science Lead, who discussed the tenants of Million Hearts®, the importance of identifying patients with undiagnosed hypertension, and steps that health systems can take to identify patients at risk. The webcast, slides, and additional resources are available on the Public Health Live! website.
  • View the CDC Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity (COCA) presentation on preventing heart attacks and strokes. In February, Dr. Janet Wright presented to COCA, a group that provides information to clinicians on emergency preparedness, response, and emerging public health threats. During the presentation, Dr. Wright discussed Million Hearts® and strategies to help find and address the needs of those at greatest risk for cardiovascular disease. The webcast and additional resources are available on the COCA website.

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