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Fogarty International Center

Fogarty International Center

Funding news for global health researchers and partners from Fogarty at NIH

On behalf of the Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the following funding opportunities, notices and announcements may be of interest to those working in the field of global health research. Updates are typically distributed once a week.

Funding Opportunities

NIH funding opportunities for which foreign organizations, foreign components of U.S. organizations and/or other foreign components may apply.
  • Natural History Studies for Rare Disease Product Development: Orphan Products Research Project Grant (R01) (RFA-FD-16-043)
    Application Receipt Date(s): October 14, 2016 and October 15, 2018
  • Mechanisms, Models, Measurement, and Management in Pain Research(R21) (PA-16-187) and (R01) (PA-16-188) 
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Research to Advance the Understanding and Management of the Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in Children (R21) (PAR-16-195)(R01) (PAR-16-196) and (R03) (PAR-16-197) 
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
NIH funding opportunities for which United States small business concerns (SBCs) may collaborate with a foreign business entity.
Information related to opportunities from other organizations focusing on global health and foreign collaboration.

Funding News

NIH funding news that may be relevant to global health researchers.
  • Request for Information (RFI): Strengthening the Early Stages of the NIDA Training Pipeline through Massively Open Online Courses on the Biomedical Informatics of Addiction Research (NOT-DA-16-027)
  • Request for Information (RFI): Approaches for Supporting Team Science in the Biomedical Research Community (NOT-GM-16-104)
  • Notice of Pre-application Webinar for PAR-16-131 Emerging Questions in Cancer Systems Biology (U01) (NOT-CA-16-036)
  • Notice of NIDCD Participation in Population Health Interventions: Integrating Individual and Group Level Evidence (R01) (NOT-DC-16-001) and (R21) (NOT-DC-16-002)
  • Notice to Update the Availability of National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium (NNTC) Brain and Other Tissue Samples from Virally Suppressed Cases for Research on HIV Reservoirs and Latency (NOT-MH-16-008)

Upcoming Deadlines

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