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Coping with Advanced Cancer - National Cancer Institute

Coping with Advanced Cancer - National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Institute

Coping with Advanced Cancer

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Coping with Advanced Cancer is for people who have been told they have late-stage cancer, or that their cancer isn’t responding to treatment. Family and friends may also want to read this booklet. It includes information about dealing with transitions in care, including end of life issues. It stresses that learning about your options and talking about your concerns keeps you in control of your care, and of your life.
This booklet covers:
  • The different choices for your care
  • Tips for talking with your health care team
  • Getting help for your symptoms and other forms of palliative care
  • Coping with your feelings and getting support
  • Advanced planning
  • How to talk with friends and family about your cancer
  • Looking for meaning in your life
The booklet is meant to provide you with information and ways you can still have a control of your life, even while living with advanced cancer. Share this booklet with those closest to you. The tips and advice it provides on coping with the disease may help them deal with it as well.

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