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Know Hepatitis B Campaign | Features | CDC

Know Hepatitis B Campaign | Features | CDCCDC. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC 24/7: Saving Lives. Protecting People.

Know Hepatitis B Campaign

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Learn about Hepatitis B and efforts to promote testing among Asian Americans.
CDC has launched the third phase of the Know Hepatitis B campaign designed to promote hepatitis B testing among Asian Americans. The Know Hepatitis B campaign represents the first national multi-lingual communications campaign on hepatitis B among Asian Americans. Hepatitis B disproportionately affects Asian Americans and is especially common in many Asian and Pacific Island countries. While Asian Americans make up about 5% of the total U.S. population, they account for half of the 2.2 million Americans living with chronic hepatitis B. In fact, one in 12 Asian Americans has hepatitis B.

New Campaign Resources

To encourage testing for hepatitis B among Asian Americans, the Know Hepatitis B campaign uses a variety of strategies and multi-media channels including newspaper, radio, TV, and other digital and social media outlets. The campaign's third phase features new videos that will be distributed to Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese television outlets throughout the country as well as hosted online. One video features a conversation between a daughter and her parents, with the daughter explaining why Asian Americans should be tested for hepatitis B. The other is an animated video highlighting several key facts about hepatitis B that address commonly held myths, including the belief that people would know if they have hepatitis B.

Illustration of warning signs: Hepatitis B has no warning signs because there are often no symptoms.Campaign Partnership

To expand the reach of the campaign, CDC also works with community partners such as Hep B United to help spread the word about hepatitis B. Hep B United is a national coalition of local partners in 14 states and more than 20 cities throughout the country that is dedicated to addressing the public health challenge of hepatitis B. Partners provide hepatitis B testing services, education, outreach, and medical care in local communities.

What You Can Do

The Know Hepatitis B campaign has a variety of resources, including fact sheetsflyersinfographicsrisk assessmentsvaccine cards and Hepatitis B quizzes that can help provide information and promote getting tested for hepatitis B. Posters can be ordered for free and all materials are downloadable. To learn more about the campaign, visit Know Hepatitis B.

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