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Dr. Dolhun Discusses Parkinson's Diagnosis

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If you or a loved one has Parkinson's disease (PD), you may know that the diagnosis is based on a person's medical history and physical examination. This is because we don't have a biomarker -- an objective measurement (such as a blood test or a brain image) -- to make the diagnosis. 
In this short video, I discuss how doctors diagnose Parkinson's, and what The Michael J. Fox Foundation and others are doing to find a biomarker. I also talk about a brain imaging test you may have heard of called a dopamine transporter (or DaT) scan and how it's currently used in the evaluation of PD.

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Through the "Ask the MD" blogs and video, I translate the latest research and communicate treatment options for people with PD and their loved ones. I hope you find these resources to be a helpful guide on your journey with Parkinson's.

Stay tuned for regular updates, and join our upcoming webinar where we'll talk more about developments toward earlier, more precise diagnosis of Parkinson's.

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Rachel Dolhun, MD

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