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Fogarty/NIH news: Brain disorders research agenda, US-Cuba collaborations, GEOHealth Hubs, H3Africa

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November / December 2015

NIH-led effort details global brain disorders research agenda in Nature supplement

The breadth and complexity of brain and nervous system disorders make them some of the most difficult to diagnose and treat, especially in the developing world. An NIH-led collaboration has recently published a supplement to the journalNature that lays out a research strategy to address them.
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Section of cover of Nature supplement on brain disorders across the lifespan

Man riding in boat alongside lush green field of crops sprays crops with pesticide

US and Canada invest $21M in environmental and occupational health research hubs

The U.S. and Canada are establishing regional research and training centers addressing health issues caused by pesticides, household and outdoor air pollution, and mining hazards.
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H3Africa spurs genomic research, training

At a recent meeting on the NIH campus, African scientists described their genomic research and training programs supported by the Human Heredity and Health in Africa initiative.
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Older woman holds baby outdoors, thatched huts in the background

Older woman seated cross-legged on bed, looks at camera while medical worker takes her blood pressure

NIH aims to increase collaboration on chronic diseases

To address the growing global burden of chronic, noncommunicable diseases, representatives from multiple U.S. government organizations recently gathered at the NIH.
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Profile: Fogarty Fellow Dr Akwi Asombang advances cancer research in Zambia

Dr. Akwi Asombang's fellowship studying antioxidant status as a gastric cancer risk factor in Zambia solidified her interest in global health.
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Dr Akwi Asombang in white coat with stethoscope seated at desk takes note on pad while speaking with a seated patient

In Cuba a female medical worker measures belly of pregnant patient lying in hospital bed, another patient looks on in background

US scientists explore research partnerships with Cuba

U.S. and Cuban scientists discussed opportunities to expand scientific partnerships between the countries during a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
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