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Top 25 Education Blogs for Proactive Parents - Online College Search - Your Accredited Online Degree Directory

Top 25 Education Blogs for Proactive Parents - Online College Search - Your Accredited Online Degree Directory

Top 25 Education Blogs for Proactive Parents

As a parent, it’s your job to look ahead and plan for the future, whether that means packing lunch or creating a roadmap for college. Perhaps one of the most important things parents can look ahead to is education. School reform, college, and getting involved as a parent are all important topics for parents to stay on top of, and these blogs all offer great ways to do so. We’ve discovered 25 of the best education blogs for proactive parents, and we encourage you to check them out.
  1. PTO Today:

    On the PTO Today blog, you’ll find out how parent leaders are making schools great, with ideas, news, opinions, and tips for the PTO world.
  2. The Answer Sheet:

    From the Washington Post, The Answer Sheet offers a school survival guide for parents. With blogger Valerie Strauss, you’ll learn how to get through your child’s formal education and stay sane at the same time.
  3. Beyond School:

    In this blog from Education Week, parents can explore learning outside of the traditional school day. Find out what you can do to better support learning at home and out and about.
  4. K-12 Parents and the Public:

    Also from Education Week, K-12 Parents and the Public is all about education policy. Parents can follow this blog to see how other parents and the community are reshaping education policy, and find out how to get involved.
  5. Proactive Parenting:

    Sharon Silver’s blog is all about teaching parents to parent proactively rather than reactively. Check out what she has to say about correcting behavior in children.
  6. Huffpost Education:

    Stay on top of the latest news in education with Huffpost Education, a great source for the state of education today. You’ll find news, opinion, and resources for making a difference in your child’s education.
  7. School Family:

    Check out School Family Voices to learn about the experiences of parents as they help children succeed in school. Discussing learning disabilities, reading, and more, this blog is full of helpful advice.
  8. ParentNet Unplugged:

    Follow along with the ParentNet blog to find conversations about family engagement in education. You’ll learn how to build effective partnerships with your child’s school and community to improve educational outcomes.
  9. The Choice:

    College-bound families can find lots of great information from The Choice, a college admissions and aid blog from The New York Times. Find out what it takes to get into your child’s dream school, and how you can pay for it all.
  10. Echo Parenting & Education:

    The Echo blog is all about being a caring parent, in education and beyond. Check out this blog to find a discussion on making a difference for children.
  11. Parent Cortical Mass:

    With the goal of boosting educational outcomes in America, the Parent Cortical Mass blog offers resources for parents to become better stewards of their kids’ education. Read along to find out how you can better support your child in learning.
  12. Parents Across America:

    For parents interested in education reform, Parents Across America is a great resource. Read along to find education policy updates, news, and ideas for making a difference as a parent.
  13. Eduwonk:

    Find education news, analysis, and commentary on the Eduwonk blog. The blog offers serious criticism of education policy, plus plenty of information and useful news.
  14. This Week in Education:

    Want to find a quick overview of what’s happening in education these days? Check out Alexander Russo’s This Week in Education.
  15. Our School.ca:

    On this blog, you’ll learn how parents and schools can become more connected with the use of technology. Featuring Parents as Partners episodes, this blog offers a regular dose of parent engagement.
  16. The Chronicle of Higher Education:

    The Chronicle of Higher Education offers a variety of blogs that may be of interest to college-bound families. These blogs cover admissions, financial aid, school performance, and more with an academic perspective.
  17. Change Agency:

    If you’re a parent that would like to see change in education, Change Agency is a great blog to check out. Stephanie Sandifer discusses education reinvention, evolution, and revolution for school leaders, parents, administration, and more.
  18. Parents Education Network:

    Through the Parents Education Network, you’ll learn about how parents can educate, collaborate, and empower for kids in school. Check out the blog to find resources, information, and links that can help.
  19. GreatSchools:

    GreatSchools writes to support involved parents, offering the information that parents need to make informed decisions for their children. This blog covers everything from education policy to college bound concerns, making it an excellent resource for parents at any stage.
  20. Teach Mama:

    This blog from Scholastic offers great ideas for everyday learning. Be sure to check it out to take education beyond the classroom and into the everyday.
  21. The Parent Show Blog:

    From PBS Kids, The Parent Show Blog shares news that’s important to parents in education and beyond. Find out how to nurture young minds, get involved, and more.
  22. Cool Cat Teacher Blog:

    Parents can learn about the state of the classroom today from the highly relatable Cool Cat Teacher blog. This teacher shares her ideas for new tools, enthusiasm, and the noble calling of teaching.
  23. Engaging Parents in School:

    This highly active blog is all about finding ways to be a more involved parent at school. You’ll learn about parent involvement programs, parent-teacher communication, and barriers to parent engagement.
  24. Learning First Alliance:

    On the Learning Alliance blog, you’ll get insights into public schools. Read this blog to find out what you can do to strengthen public schools for your and all children.
  25. Hoverings:

    This blog from College Parents of America discusses the experience of parents with children heading off to college. You’ll find discussions on financial aid, SAT scores, college majors, and more.
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