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orange tennis ballConfused by calories? 

Don't be-they are just a measurement tool, like inches or ounces.  They measure the energy a food or beverage provides-from the carbohydrate, fat, protein, and alcohol it contains. 
Calories are the fuel you need to work and play. You even need calories to rest and sleep! Foods and beverages vary in how many calories and nutrients they contain. When choosing what to eat and drink, it's important to get the right mix - enough nutrients, but not too many calories.
  • How many calories do you need? 
    Your personalized Daily Food Plan identifies your calorie needs. Learn more about eating the right amount of calories for you, and tips for managing your weight.
  • How many calories are in the foods and beverages you eat and drink? You can find the calorie content of any food or beverage using the Food-a-pedia, looking at the Nutrition Facts label, or checking product or restaurant websites.
  • What are empty calories?  orange tennis ball
    They are calories "empty" of nutritional value. Empty calories are the calories from solid fats and added sugars. Learn more here.

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