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Recovery Month's New Media Newsletter for August


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The Recovery Month New Media E-Newsletter is a monthly e-mail to help explain trends in new media and how to successfully apply new media to your organization's or personal efforts online. Each e-newsletter includes new media news, updates from Recovery Month's new media efforts, a case study on recent innovations online, and easy to implement tips related to the case study topic.
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  • August: August Newsletter

    (Premiered: 08/13/2012)
    This month's newsletter contains articles on:
    - Using Pinterest
    - Tips of the Month
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    Pinning Properly: AARP on Pinterest

    AARP_PinterestPinterest is the newest social media giant to join the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Many of the values and best practices for this site are similar to other social media sites—know your audience, consistently post relevant content, and build a community by encouraging others to participate. However, Pinterest differs from the other social media platforms in the fact that it is photo-centric. Sharing photos, images, infographics, and other visuals—called pinning—is the focus of this site, and AARP embraces that.

    Since AARP began pinning this January, it has gained more than 1,500 followers and shared more than 400 images on 26 different boards. The organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life for people 50 and older, embraces its audience by organizing boards with custom titles. The “50+ Technology” board features photos, videos, tips, and infographics about how older generations use technology. Meanwhile, a board titled “Stuff We’ll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren” includes pictures of things such as phone books, a rolodex, and an encyclopedia. In addition, AARP shares quotes, graphics, and popular videos that can help keep followers informed about everything from issues like social security and retirement plans, to sports, fitness, or fashion.

    Although the vast majority of Pinterest users are 25- to 44-year-old women, AARP has been able to target the older age group and engage these users by sharing relevant information. Research has shown that baby boomers tend to pin images related to travel planning and home improvement projects. As you might guess, AARP has boards dedicated to both travel and home remodeling; it also has boards that share recipes, information about caregiving, and gardening.

    Overall, AARP knows how to reach its audience by sharing relevant, attention-grabbing photos with captions and links that provide context. The organization keeps people coming back by sharing a combination of its own content and content from outside sources.

    To learn how your organization can embrace Pinterest and use it successfully, check out a few tips on Mashable
    As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. As photo-based social media sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest, have become increasingly popular, being able to incorporate images into the content you share can help keep your audience engaged. Below are some best practices in photo-sharing. For more details, read the full article on Social Media Examiner.

    1 Know your audience. Consider the people that follow your organization and the types of imagery that would most interest them. Photos are designed to draw people in, so be sure the images are appealing.
    2 Provide context. Include a caption with a photo, allowing you to explain what is happening or why the photo was posted. It is also an opportunity to show a more personal side of your organization.
    3 Optimize photos for search. Tag photos with relevant, descriptive keywords that tell the story of the image, but also relate to key terms your audience would use in a search. Remember to name the photo file instead of simply using the numbered file name. These techniques make your photos more likely to appear in search results and, ultimately, reach new audiences. Check out Google’s image suggestions for tips.
    3 Encourage fans to participate. Invite others to share photos and images from events they have attended or related to a specific request. For example, you can ask fans to share a photo of them holding the name of the person who was most influential in their lives.

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