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Physical Activity for Everyone: Guidelines | DNPAO | CDC

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More People Are Walking to Better Health

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Most people know that walking is the most common type of physical activity, 
but you may not know that walking has increased. Six in 10 adults reported 
walking for at least 10 minutes at one time in the previous week. According 
to a new CDC Vital Signs report, adults walking this amount rose from 56% 
to 62% over five years.

However, most adults are still not active enough--more than half do not get 

the recommended amount of physical activity. Inactive adults have higher risk 
for early death, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and some 
An increase in walking is important because adults who walk are more likely 
to meet the Physical Activity Guidelines: Adults should get 2½ hours (150 minutes) 
of moderate physical activity (such as a brisk walk) each week. Each walking session 
needs to be at least 10 minutes to get the health benefits.

We know that people are more likely to walk when they have safe, convenient places 

to walk. Communities and local governments should assess the “walkability” of their 
environments, consider "walking" a component of long-term community plans, and promote 
existing opportunities to walk through campaigns and maps. Additionally, employers can 
support walking programs for employees and encourage walking breaks during the day. 
Individuals may start walking groups with friends, as well as walk further and more often. 
While walking has increased, people still need better spaces and more places to walk. 
Communities, employers, and individuals can all play a role in helping adults walk for 
better health. 

For more information, see:
  • CDC Vital Signs August 2012
  • CDC Physical Activity
To learn more about controlling health complications from diabetes and preventing 
type 2 diabetes, visit the CDC’s Diabetes homepage at 

Physical Activity for Everyone: Guidelines | DNPAO | CDC

How much physical activity do you need?

Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness, and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases.
Fitting regular exercise into your daily schedule may seem difficult at first, but the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans are more flexible than ever, giving you the freedom to reach your physical activity goals through different types and amounts of activities each week. It's easier than you think!

Physical Activity Guidelines

If you are a healthy pregnant or postpartum woman, physical activity is good for your overall health. See our section on Healthy Pregnant or Postpartum Women.

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