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Health Tip: Hiking or Running on a Trail: MedlinePlus

Health Tip: Hiking or Running on a Trail: MedlinePlus

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Health Tip: Hiking or Running on a Trail

Don't go it alone
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By Diana Kohnle
Tuesday, July 31, 2012HealthDay Logo
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(HealthDay News) -- If you're tired of the same running routine and the same old scenery, consider a new hiking or running trial.
The American Council on Exercise makes these recommendations before you hit the trail for the first time:
  • Hike a new trail before you run it, familiarizing yourself with the new layout.
  • Don't walk or run a trail alone.
  • Carry a communication device, such as a walkie-talkie or cell phone.
  • Take a small, basic first aid kit that includes bandages, tape, a knife and antibacterial ointment.
  • Make sure any weight you carry is evenly distributed; try to carry most of the weight around your hips.
  • When going downhill, keep knees bent and don't lean back too far. Use short strides when hills are steep.
  • Run with your head up and push your arms from the shoulders, rather than from the elbows.


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