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President's Malaria Initiative Newsletter - February 2019

U.S. President's Malaria Initiative - Fighting Malaria and Saving Lives
Three of six members of the Madzinga family pose at their homestead in the district of Mutoko in Zimbabwe.

Message from the Coordinator

U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator Dr. Ken Staley introduces PMI’s new initiatives to transform our data utilization cycle, and set an example of data-driven decisionmaking. In 2019, PMI intends to strengthen international cooperation in data collection, integration, and analysis. Read his message here.


A February 13 briefing titled “U.S. Leadership in the Fight Against Malaria” provided the leaders of four key malaria fighting organizations the opportunity to share their visions with Hill staff. Read the full announcement.  
FY 2019 Malaria Operational Plans are now available on the PMI website. Developed in collaboration with national malaria control programs and with the participation of national and international partners involved in malaria prevention and control, the plans outline PMI’s support to national malaria strategic priorities and complement other partners’ investments to improve and expand malaria-related services. MOPs for Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, and Sierra Leone will be posted in the near future.

In the News

Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Cambodia, where PMI support is helping to track and contain malaria outbreaks and stop resistant strains from spreading. The video captures how health volunteers like 61-year-old Soksam Sambath—who makes his living selling fried banana chips—are putting PMI-funded training to detect, treat, and educate fellow villagers about malaria to use. Despite the intensifying risk of resistance to malaria treatments, the country continues to push toward disease elimination thanks to valuable support from PMI and other partners.

Country in Focus: Zimbabwe

An insecticide-treated mosquito net might not protect Fakero’s sweet potatoes from pillaging elephants, but it prevents prowling mosquitos from making him their main course while he guards his crop. Story here.
Check out our Country in Focus page for more stories and to learn about PMI’s work in Zimbabwe.

Country Activities

Equipping countries to do their own testing can lead to lower costs and faster processing. Tracking drug resistance can show when and where action is needed to stop resistance from spreading—and keep lifesaving malaria medicines from being lost. Story here
How PMI joined forces with the WHO, Global Fund, and UNICEF to quickly address the spike in malaria cases caused by the Ebola outbreak. Story here
What if Super Bowl commercials did more than entertain us? What if they saved lives? Story here.  
Click here to view the full version of this newsletter, including recent reports, publications, and stories from the field.

Photo credit: Bridget Higginbotham, PMI

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