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Plan to Stay Safe, Mobile, and Independent | Features | CDC

Plan to Stay Safe, Mobile, and Independent | Features | CDC

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Plan to Stay Safe, Mobile, and Independent

Make a plan today to stay safe, mobile, and independent tomorrow.
How would you get to the grocery store if you suddenly found yourself unable to drive? Would you be able to get to doctor appointments, social engagements, or church? Does your community have reliable public transportation or rideshare services?
Mobility is the ability to get where you want to go, when you want to go there. Many people make financial plans for retirement, but not everyone plans for the mobility changes that may come with age. One in four Americans now 65 years old will live into their 90s. It makes good sense to plan for what’s ahead.
CDC developed the MyMobility Plan to help older adults address possible changes and stay safe, mobile, and independent longer. This planning tool is aimed at adults nearing retirement age and provides information and tips in three main sections:
  • MySelf – a plan to manage personal health to maintain mobility and stay independent
  • MyHome – a home safety checklist to help prevent falls
  • MyNeighborhood – a plan to get around in the community
Use MyMobility Plan to help you stay safe and independent. Falls and motor vehicle crashes are leading causes of injury among older adults.

Mobility and Quality of Life

Older adults’ health, social contact and support, and quality of life often decline when they stop driving. Planning for mobility changes in the years to come is important for older adults who want to stay in their own homes and communities. Independence and mobility are closely linked so that protecting mobility now is an investment in future independence.
CDC found that providing retirement-aged adults with information about how to protect their mobility actually encouraged them to take action steps. Working through the plan helped many older adults identify what they can do today to help maintain their mobility and plan for any potential changes that might come tomorrow. The MyMobility Plan can help keep older adults mobile, active, and engaged in their communities as they age.

Medicines Can Put Older Adults at Increased Risks

Another area that can affect mobility is the medicines we take. As we age, our bodies process what we eat and drink—including medicines—differently. Medicines that worked well in the past could have side effects now or in the future. Some side effects—such as dizziness or sleepiness—might cause falls or car crashes, which are the leading causes of injury among older adults. CDC developed a new fact sheet and worksheets along with the MyMobility plan to help older adults work together with their doctors or pharmacists to stop, switch, or reduce those medicines that might have dangerous side effects.
Download and print out the MyMobility Plan today to create a personalized plan for a healthy, mobile, and independent life for you or your loved ones!

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