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Cramps after sex: Possible causes in men and women

Cramps after sex: Possible causes in men and women

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What causes cramps after sex?
Cramps after sex can occur for several reasons, from a simple muscle strain to more serious underlying conditions. Learn about the causes and when to see a doctor in this article.
Ability to do pushups may predict cardiovascular risk
Recent research has found a strong link between a man's ability to complete numerous pushups and his risk of developing cardiovascular problems.
What to expect from Lupron treatment
Lupron (leuprolide acetate) is a type of hormone therapy for people with prostate cancer. Lupron is an injection drug, and doctors often prescribe it in combination with radiation therapy or surgery. As it lowers a person’s testosterone levels, Lupron can cause a range of side effects. Learn more here.
Gender transition drugs could be bad for the heart
New research suggests that hormone therapy may place people who are gender transitioning at a higher risk of cardiovascular events.

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