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Cessation Materials for State Tobacco Control Programs | CDC

Cessation Materials for State Tobacco Control Programs | CDC

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Cessation materials

Year of Cessation: Making Connections to Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for at least 13 types of cancer and also is associated with harmful health outcomes in cancer survivors. Providers can play an important role in advising cancer survivors who smoke to quit and in letting them know that continued smoking negatively impacts their health. Providers can connect cancer survivors who smoke with cessation counseling and medications that increase their chance of quitting. Comprehensive cancer centers and other health systems that treat cancer survivors can play a critical role by integrating tobacco dependence treatment into the care they provide.
Quitting smoking improves the prognosis of cancer survivors, underscoring the importance of tobacco cessation. For this reason, CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health has designated 2019 as its Year of Cessation to support and highlight cessation efforts, all with the end goal of helping all people who smoke to quit and start on a healthier path. 

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