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Cancer Information Highlights, January 31, 2019

Cancer Information Highlights, January 31, 2019

National Cancer Institute

Cancer Information Highlights
From the National Cancer Institute
Updating you about cancer causes, prevention, screening, treatment, coping, and more
New from NCI
Managing Cancer Pain: Are Better Approaches on the Horizon?
Sensory Nerve Fibers in Prostate Tumor Cells With more people reporting cancer pain and the opioid epidemic affecting how cancer pain is managed, there’s renewed interest in developing new pain medicines that are not addictive as well as ways to treat pain that do not involve drugs.
African American Men More Likely to Die from Low-Grade Prostate Cancer
A graphic showing black men have a higher incidence of prostate cancer than white men. For African American men, the risk of dying from low-grade prostate cancer is double that of men of other races, a new study has found. But, despite the difference, the risk is still small.
Glioblastoma Study Highlights Sex Differences in Brain Cancer

Men and women with glioblastoma appear to respond differently to standard treatment. A new study suggests factors that might help explain this sex difference.
PDQ Summary Updates
Ovarian Epithelial, Fallopian Tube, and Primary Peritoneal Cancer Treatment

We’ve revised our PDQ summary on ovarian epithelial cancer with updates to the treatments used for advanced and recurrent disease.
Diagnostic Tests and Staging Descriptions Updated in Several Lymphoma Summaries

We revised our PDQ summaries on adult Hodgkin lymphomaadult non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and AIDS-related lymphoma. Tests used for diagnosis and the descriptions of the disease stages were updated in each summary.
Drug Information Updates
Cabozantinib-S-Malate Use in Liver Cancer

We’ve updated our cabozantinib-s-malate drug information summary with a newly approved Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indication. Cabozantinib-s-malate (Cabometyx) is now approved for use in people with hepatocellular carcinoma (a type of liver cancer) who have already been treated with sorafenib.
New Approvals for Leukemia 

We've added a new drug information summary for calaspargase pegol-mknl (Asparlas), which was recently approved by FDA for use in children and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

We've added a new drug information summary for gilteritinib fumarate (Xospata), which was recently approved by FDA for use in adults with acute myeloid leukemia that has returned or does not respond to treatment and has a mutation in the FLT3 gene.
Also of Interest
Cervical Cancer

When caught early, cervical cancer is very treatable. Learn about cervical cancer risk factors, prevention, early detection, and treatment.
Adjusting to Cancer

Learning that you have cancer can be overwhelming. But learning how to talk about it and knowing what to expect can help you adjust.
Clinical Trials Information for Patients and Families

Clinical trials are crucial in making progress against cancer. Learn about clinical trials, how to find them, and questions to ask the doctor.

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