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NCTR Publications > NCTR Research Highlights

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Current Highlight from March 24, 2017 

Mid-South Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS) Conference      
NCTR scientists presented their work at the 14th Annual MCBIOS Conference held March 23-25, 2017 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The topics of NCTR's presentations included the use of:
  • metagenomics to evaluate antimicrobial resistance
  • data-mining methods for treatment decisions in precision medicine
  • molecular dynamics and quantum mechanical calculations to determine estrogen receptor alpha binding reaction mechanisms
  • next-generation sequencing to evaluate cancer driver mutations in rat tumors as biomarkers of human carcinogenesis
  • in silico (QSAR) and biological models (hepatic cell lines, microRNAs) to predict and/or detect drug-induced liver injury. 
The regional meeting provides a forum for networking and collaboration between academic, industry, and government scientists in the mid-south region to promote the development and advancement of bioinformatics and computational biology.

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