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National Public Health Week | Features | CDC

National Public Health Week | Features | CDC

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National Public Health Week

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Join CDC in celebrating NPHW as a Public Health Nerd.
As the nation's public health agency, CDC works 24/7 to improve the health of the nation. During National Public Health Week (NPHW), CDC and public health workers across the nation continue their work to protect the nation’s health and safety.
Tell everyone you are a Public Health Nerd by sharing some of our Public Health Nerd graphics.
Get your Public Health Nerd on and celebrate National Public Health Week by learning more about public health through one of CDC’s fun, engaging and free mobile apps:
  • Solve the Outbreak App
    You’ll play the role of an Epidemic Intelligence Service agent. Find clues about outbreaks and make tough decisions about what to do next: Do you quarantine the village? Talk to people who are sick? Ask for more lab results?

    With fictional outbreaks based on real-life cases, you’ll have to puzzle through the evidence to earn points for each clue. The better your answers, the higher your score – and the more quickly you’ll save lives. You’ll start out as a Trainee and will earn badges by solving cases.  Once you earn the top rank: Disease Detective, unlock level two to try your hand at more challenging scenarios and earn new honors.
  • Health IQ App
    Are you Smarter than a Public Health Nerd?  Test your Health IQ!  Do you know the minimum SPF needed to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays? Or how many seconds you should wash your hands to kill germs? Test your Health IQ to see how your health skills stack up.

    Let our game show scientists lead you through an exciting selection of trivia questions and word scrambles. Choose from three levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, or Hard…or be surprised by selecting a Random mix.

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