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ADNP gene - Genetics Home Reference

ADNP gene - Genetics Home Reference

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ADNP gene

activity dependent neuroprotector homeobox

The ADNP gene provides instructions for making a protein that helps control the activity (expression) of other genes through a process called chromatin remodeling. Chromatin is the network of DNA and protein that packages DNA into chromosomes. The structure of chromatin can be changed (remodeled) to alter how tightly DNA is packaged. Chromatin remodeling is one way gene expression is regulated during development; when DNA is tightly packed, gene expression is lower than when DNA is loosely packed. As part of the remodeling process, the ADNP protein attaches to DNA and interacts with groups of proteins called SWI/SNF complexes, which direct changes in the structure of chromatin.
By regulating gene expression, the ADNP protein is involved in many aspects of development. It is particularly important for regulation of genes involved in normal brain development, and it likely controls the activity of genes that direct the development and function of other body systems.

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