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MercatorNet: Euthanasia in Canada. Donald Trump and the ancient Greeks

The word “demagogue” is often used to describe the presumptive Republican nominee. It was invented by the ancient Greeks, along with other useful words like “democracy” and “politics”. As Robert Garland suggests below, the most famous Athenian demagogue, Alcibiades, is a kind of gold standard for demagoguery.
The spell he cast over his fellow citizens ended in disaster. First he persuaded them to embark upon a reckless invasion of Sicily in 415BC. And then he deserted to the enemy. Thanks to intelligence and strategic advice the huge Athenian army was annihilated. The career and character of Alcibiades are enough to make one deeply suspicious of demagogues, ancient or modern.
What we know about Alcibiades comes mostly from the History of the Peloponnesian War, a book which I cannot recommend too highly. This imperishable classic tells you all that you will ever need to know about politics and warfare, including the lesson that a nation led by a demagogue marches to destruction.

Michael Cook 
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Margaret Somerville | CAREFUL! | 5 May 2016
If it's going to be legal, euthanasia in Canada should always be an exception which must be reviewed by a judge
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Robert Garland | FEATURES | 5 May 2016
Athenian scallywag Alcibiades would have given the presumptive Republican nominee a run for his money
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Guns which can only be used by one person sound brilliant. So why doesn't anyone want to buy them?
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Barb Szyszkiewicz | READING MATTERS | 5 May 2016
A story about a unique cultural exchange.
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