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New CDC Funding Opportunity Announcement

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New CDC Funding Opportunity Announcement
Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (CORE SVIPP)
CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (Injury Center) announces the availability of funding for the Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (CORE SVIPP, CDC-RFA-CE16-1602) This new funding opportunity will provide resources and support to focus on implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of injury and violence prevention (IVP) programs, practices, and policies with the best available research evidence. Core SVIPP will build on the state capacity that was established through the previous iterations of Core VIPP.
The overall purpose of the Core SVIPP FOA is to decrease injury and violence related morbidity and mortality, and increase sustainability of injury prevention programs and practices.
FOA Details
The FOA includes the BASE component, and two optional enhanced components: the Surveillance Quality Improvement (SQI) and the Regional Network Coordinating Organization (RNCO) components.
BASE (Approximately 20 awards of $200,000 - $250,000) - Core SVIPP BASE will provide support to states to strengthen their IVP programs and policies and demonstrate impact in the reduction of IVP related morbidity and mortality.
  • Funding will be used to support dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of programs, practices, and policies with the best available evidence.
  • Efforts will be concentrated in four focus areas of IVP: child abuse and neglect, traumatic brain injury, motor vehicle crashes, and intimate partner/sexual violence.
  • Up to 10% of base funding may be used for programmatic innovation in areas beyond the four focus areas.
SQI (4 awards of $150,000 each) - Both high quality data resources and up to date analysis tools are required to ensure that state-based injury surveillance is conducted effectively and accurately. As such, the SQI component’s purpose is to conduct injury data investigations supportive of promoting and advancing uniform injury case definitions, improving data quality, and advancing methodology and exploring emerging sources of injury data.
RNCO (5 awards of $75,000 each) - Resources and capacity for IVP are limited and vary by state. RNCOs coordinate across and between all states (regardless of funding status) and collaborate with IVP organizations for sharing of scientific evidence and programmatic best practices. They provide structured coordination across their region via peer learning teams and to facilitate and coordinate one national/cross-regional collaborative peer learning group on a specific, CDC-identified topic.
Funding Amount and Mechanism
The Injury Center expects to make available $30,675,000 over 5 years to States (including District of Columbia), Territorial Governments or their bona fide agents, American Indian or Alaska Native Tribal governments (federally recognized or state recognized) to support CORE SVIPP. The mechanism of support is a cooperative agreement. More details about the FOA can be found here: http://www.grants.gov.
Important Dates
Informational Webinar: February 1, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Call in number (770) 488-3600 Atlanta OR Toll Free (855) 644-0229
  • Conference ID: 1634049
Letter of Intent due: March 1, 2016.
Applications due: April 8, 2016 by 11:59 PM U.S. Eastern Time.
Learn More
The funding opportunity announcement can be found at http://www.grants.gov.
For More Information contact darpi@cdc.gov.

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