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EURORDIS Photo Contest 2015: And the Winners Are…

EURORDIS Photo Contest 2015: And the Winners Are…

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EURORDIS Photo Contest 2015: 

And the Winners Are…

EURORDIS Photo Contest 2015

With over 300 entries from all over the world, the EURORDIS
Photo Contest is an opportunity to highlight what it means to
live with a rare disease.
Thank you to all of you who sent in your photos and to those 
of you who took the time to vote, you can see the full gallery 
of photos submitted to the competition here!
This year there are three categories: the Public Vote, awarded
to the photo that receives the most votes online; the Expert's 
Choice, awarded by photographer Rick Guidotti; and the
Instagram Award (new this year!) awarded by National
Geographic photographer Ami Vitale to a photo submitted
on Instagram.

Instagram Award

EURORDIS Photo Contest 2015 Instagram Winner
The winner of the Instagram Award is a photo of Eli and horse Lucy from
the USA. Eli is 10 and has a rare genetic disease called Fanconi anaemia.
He is one of less than 1000 cases reported worldwide.
Ami Vitale chose this image as 'it shows intimacy, strength and the will
to prevail. Despite all the difficulties Eli has experienced, there is no
stopping him. As Mahatma Gandhi said, 'Strength does not come from
physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will'.'

Expert's Choice

EURORDIS Photo Contest 2015 Expert Winner
The Expert's Choice award goes to a photo of Luca from Switzerland who
has spinal muscular atrophy. It is entitled 'Easy Rider'.
Rick Guidotti chose this photo as it 'is the absolute essence of hope,
strength, support, community and endurance. The image does not speak
of a disabling syndrome, it does not focus on disability, or a disease or
limitations. This stunning image illuminates possibilities. 'Easy Rider'
powerfully and significantly presents humanity.'

Public Vote

EURORDIS Photo Contest 2015 Public Winner
The winning photo, as voted for by the public, is of Lucas from Spain who is
living with osteogenesis imperfecta. After recently fracturing his arm, Lucas
still did not miss the annual parade of the historic Cantabrian Wars!

Eva Bearryman, Junior Communications Manager, EURORDIS
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