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NCTR Publications > NCTR Research Highlights

NCTR Publications > NCTR Research Highlights

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Current Highlight from March 20, 2015

MicroRNAs as Biomarkers of Drug Toxicity
NCTR scientists recently published a mini-review which focused on the potential of miRNAs as biomarkers of drug toxicity and explored their potential roles in both preclinical and clinical drug safety testing. The authors outlined the value of miRNAs as early and easily accessible indicators of toxicity. In addition they presented examples of potential miRNA biomarkers of toxicity in the heart, liver, brain, kidney, and skin. They also discussed the translatability of miRNA biomarkers to the human. The review is available online at Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism and Toxicologydisclaimer icon.
For additional information, please contact Igor Pogribny, Ph.D., Division of Biochemical Toxicology, FDA/NCTR.
Draft Genome Sequence of a Methicillin-Resistant Clinical S. aureus Strain
NCTR scientists have finished the whole genome sequence of a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusstrain isolated from a patient that died of complications from staphylococcal infection. Determination of the arrangement and genetic distributions of various genes (i.e., virulence, resistance, toxins, etc.), as well as comparative analyses among virulent and avirulent isolates could be helpful in understanding the genetic evolution and in developing of effective therapeutic interventions for S. aureus infections. This study is availableonline at Genome Announcementsdisclaimer icon and the sequence data is available on NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information website.
For additional information, please contact Saeed Khan, Ph.D., Division of Microbiology, FDA/NCTR.

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