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CDC - National Biomonitoring Program

CDC - National Biomonitoring Program

About the Program

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CDC's Division of Laboratory Sciences coordinates the National Biomonitoring Program (NBP) which offers an assessment of nutritional status and theexposure of the U.S. population to environmental chemicals and toxic substances. Through biomonitoring we can understand
  • the environmental chemicals to which people have been exposed,
  • the amounts of chemicals that are actually in people's bodies, and
  • people's nutrition status by measuring indicators such as iron and folate
Measurements by the National Biomonitoring Program are used to improve the detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, injury, and harmful exposures in populations.

Environmental Chemicals

Information about fungicides and herbicides, insecticides and pesticides, metals, phenols, phthalates, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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