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Abstract Submission | 2015 NHPC | CDC

Abstract Submission | 2015 NHPC | CDC

HIV & AIDS inthe United States

2015 National HIV Prevention Conference

NHPC reminder 400

The deadline for abstract submission for the 2015 National HIV Prevention Conference is April 17, 2015.    
 Oral, panel, poster and roundtable presentation abstracts will be considered. To learn more about abstract formats, submission guidelines, and conference tracks, please visit the 2015 NHPC conference website.

Abstract Submission System
We encourage you to become familiar with the abstract submission system ahead of the abstract deadline. The abstract submission process, including all required information related to continuing education, can take the average user 20-30 minutes to complete. You may save your information at any time, and can log back in later to complete the process and submit your final abstract.

Panel Submissions
Clarification on panel submissions has been provided on the NHPC website. Panel overviews are brief summaries that tie together the panel abstracts and explain their importance together. Additional information can be found on the website.

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