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Reviews, News & Commentaries


Genomics and Health Impact Update with double helix

Reviews, News & Commentaries

stacked papers
Trial watch: Personalized medicines in late-stage developmentExternal Web Site Icon
Christopher-Paul Milne et al. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, April 30, 2014 
Ending the diagnostic odyssey,External Web Site Icon PHG Foundation, May 6
Mining the big data mountain,External Web Site Icon by Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director’s Blog, May 6
Consumer gene tests face uncertain future,External Web Site Icon by Andrea Kissack, KQED, May 5
Here comes the sun: Genes and rethinking your sunscreen,External Web Site Icon by Ben Locwin, Genetic Literacy Project, May 5
How can gene testing help to treat and prevent cancer?External Web Site Icon By Nazneen Rahman, Harvesting the Genome blog post, May 5
Personal genomics: The test for everything (with video),External Web Site Icon by Randy Shore, the Vancouver Sun, May 5
Are pap smears on the way out?External Web Site Icon The New York Times, May 4
Genome sequencing: A costly way to save,External Web Site Icon by Randy Shore, the Vancouver Sun, May 4

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